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Listing Removal Rules

    We are alway happy to remove listings upon request, provided the tone of the request is not abusive or of threatening nature. We will ALWAYS respond to polite requests, as long as the correct procedures detailed below are adhered to. We will always reply to such requests to confirm a listing has been removed, or to request further information from your to ascertain your identity as the listing owner.
    Listing removal can be facilitated only under any of the following three ways :
      - Using the 'Mark Link for Removal' option on submission forms (For registered users only that were logged in at the time of original submission).
      - An email request from the original email address as supplied at the time the listing was made.
      - An email request from an email address associated to the domain of the listing.
    Under no circumstances will ANY other request for listing removals be considered.
    Free removal requests from non-registered users may take up to 60 days to be actioned. More urgent requests may be chargeable.
    All email requests must not contain any threats whatsoever, otherwise they will be completely ignored.
    We do not accept listing removal requests using our website contact form under any circumstances, as there is no way to verify the sender as the true listing owner.

The Directory WebSites team welcomes comments about the directory generally. Please let us know what you think, and how we can improve the service. Thanks!

Directory WebSites reserves the right to change any of these submission rules without notice.