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Display the Address on Incoming Emails with AddressView

AddressView is a plugin for Microsoft Outlook for anyone who uses multiple email addresses. This useful utility displays the address of incoming emails instead of just your name.

Taxi service in London airport

The mode of the taxi and cab industry is always changing, from horse-drawn carriages to the automobile, and more recently the introduction of luxury taxis and mobile technology in a city. In particular, smartphone apps have changed the appearance of the taxi industry in the last few years.

Titanium On the Trail

What do high performance jets have in common with lightweight, durable cookware? Titanium. That’s right, This amazing, elegant, silvery metal is taking a whole range of industries by storm! From aerospace manufacturing, sky writing, golf clubs, pacemakers and eyewear to cookware.

Tips to Become a Successful Inbound Call Center Agent

Discover ways and tips on becoming a successful inbound call center agent. Be at the top of your game with these skills you might want to improve on.

Dezaro Furniture - Everything is order to make.

Dezaro is an online shopping website of Sushil Udhyog and is a well-known handicraft industry in Jodhpur(Raj), India that deals with manufacturing various products like candle stand, clock, bird-feeder, lamp, table, cd-rack, mirror-frame, pencil box, etc along with furniture and gift items.

Fairtrade Gold Jewelry vs Recycled

The company designs and creates wedding rings, engagement rings and jewelry in their Santa Fe, New Mexico studio. Reflective images specializes in handmade, ethically sourced designer jewelry and is the first Fairtrade Gold jeweler in the USA.

Party wear dresses and matching accessories

Choose the perfect party wear dress with essential accessories for your baby girls, let’s have a quick look at the varieties in party wear dresses and matching accessories.

What Is Google Worth

The prospect of uber-search engine firm Google considering an initial public offering seems to have Wall Street salivating.

Thrissur Pooram and Kerala

One of the best times to visit Kerala travel destinations is during festival time. The festivals celebrated here depict the rich culture of the state. The tourists are held spell bound by the spectacle of the festivals that are celebrated with great pomp.

CRM Software

CRM Software helps you to manage sales enquiries efficiently and gives you accurate sales forecast. Today CRM is the need of every organization because it is very user friendly and all its features fulfills the need of the organization.